“Ms. DiNatale’s presentation is powerful. I have never seen the students so attentive, so affected by a speaker. The most powerful endorsement for Ms. DiNatale came from a young lady who has been physically abused. She told me that Ms. DiNatale’s story inspired her and gave her hope because she now understood that she did not have to be a victim for the rest of her life. And that is priceless.”

Victoria DiNatale Motivational Speaker WTOC

Victoria hosted a LIVE “Talk to Victoria” chat about bullying with students, parents, teachers, and community members on WTOC.

-Karen Thomas, Ebenezer Middle School, Rincon, Georgia  

“Victoria hooked the students with popular music and real life scenarios. When she told her personal account of being bullied, the students were on the edge of their seats…I highly recommend Victoria. She has remarkable stage presence and is truly professional.”

 -Gaby Wheatley, Hilton Head Island Middle School, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 

“Today, 3 days AFTER your presentation, I walked around the cafeteria while our 6th graders were eating lunch. I asked tables of students how they liked the assembly, and without fail, EVERY table said they loved it and wanted you to come back. J I have also talked to several parents who said their child came home the day of the assembly and told them all about you and your story. Some parents said they used it as a “teachable moment.”

-Sharon McMillian, Hilton Head Island Middle School, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Victoria DiNatale Comments on WTOC

Victoria comments on Georgia’s proposed “Jason Klatt Act,” which would require all Georgia schools to provide suicide prevention training.

“Victoria’s presentation caught and held the attention of our students; this was no small feat considering that the audience was comprised of teenagers. Also, Victoria customized her presentation to fit our school’s needs and time schedule. Her decidedly effectual approach of combining her own poignant
personal history and the hard cold facts of the consequences of bullying delivered a message that was simultaneously moving and informative. Victoria’s dynamic speaking style and sheer force of personally [sic] ensured that her anti-bullying message was received by our students.”

-Melissa Perkins, Bryan County High School, Pembroke, Georgia

To book Victoria for a Standing Victorious Presentation, please visit the Booking page.

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