Meet Victoria

“My name is Victoria. It means victorious.”


Website Pic Meet Victoria A former victim of severe middle and high school bullying, I know first-hand that bullying is not just “kids’ stuff.” For me, it was day-in-and-day-out torment that caused severe ripple effect consequences on my health. As a direct result of the bullying, I struggled with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for two years.

It was these personal accounts with horrific bullying that propelled me to actively work to curb school and cyber bullying. I found that the best way to help other students who were enduring what I endured was to share my story—in its raw, excruciating form.

As a college sophomore, I first picked up the microphone to share my message with students in school assemblies. I noticed that students listened to me with rapt attention—not only because I had a message that they needed to hear but because they saw me as someone who had just recently walked in the agonizing shoes of a bullying victim.

Today, I am a 26-year old graduate of Armstrong Atlantic State University, with a  B.A. in English and B.S. in Psychology. I now travel the nation teaching students that bullying is a choice, that it has severe ramifications on both the victim and bully alike, and that students, too, can rise victorious over bullying.

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  1. Taylor Jamerson says:

    Hi Victoria. I went to middle school with you, no you dont know me but I remember seeing you in the hall ways. I never knew you were being bullied because every time I saw you you had a smile on your face. I was bullied through elementary and middle school so I commend you for stepping forward, making a difference for those who are afraid to. Just like I couldnt tell you were being bullied, there are other out there with a story similar to yours. I hate that you had to go through what you went through because you seemed like such a sweet person. I saw you on the new so I googled you, congratulations on your success and I wish you the best in your future

  2. Victoria,
    I certainly think you are charming and attractive. I initially saw your profile on Upward. I think we would make a great match. I am older that you. That being said. I am not desperate, I only ever want to be married once and I looking for that perfect woman for my. I’m SAM. I hope to talk to you soon. Hv a grt day!

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