Community Leaders’ Seminars

Victoria stands with Hilton Head High School counselor and administrator.
Title: Standing Victorious
Presentation Length: 45 minutes +15 minute Q&A Session

Often times, students are afraid to talk to their teachers or counselors at school. If these students do not report incidents of bullying to school officials, it is vital that they speak with after-school leaders, camp counselors, sports coaches, and other members of the community. As a community leader, it is your obligation to stay informed of bullying methods, bullying symptoms, and ways to help children who are being bullied. In each STANDING VICTORIOUS Presentation, Victoria shares an inside look at bullying tactics, while sharing her true-life account of severe bullying and its horrendous consequences on both the bully and bullying victim alike. Additionally, Victoria discusses potential signs to look for in children who are being bullied, the appropriate steps to take to receive help for children, and the importance of not upholding children in bullying behaviors.

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