“Rising Stars: Meet Victoria DiNatale”

Victoria DiNatale is featured in Voyage Savannah. | Image Credit: Richard Weiler. Screenshot Credit: Voyage Savannah.

“My name is Victoria! It means victorious!” I vibrantly tell an eager group of high school students. I can see a glimmer of hope on their young faces, and my mission is accomplished – with a microphone as my main tool. As a motivational speaker, my purpose is to help bullies rethink the damaging consequences of bullying – and to let bullying victims know that they are not alone.

Click here to read Victoria’s interview with Voyage Savannah about why she is passionate about bullying prevention, what sets her apart from others, and adversity she has faced as a motivational speaker.

About Victoria DiNatale

Victoria DiNatale is one of the nation’s most knowledgeable experts on the topic of bullying. At 30 years old, she has shared her anti-bullying message with thousands of students and adults across the southeastern United States. DiNatale has been featured in numerous talk shows, blogs, newspaper and magazine articles, and she wrote the introduction to The Bullying Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Deal with Social Aggression and Cyberbullying by Rachelle Lohmann. Called a “motivational powerhouse,” DiNatale is certain to deliver students with a presentation of hope, help, and perseverance. For more information about DiNatale’s ‘Standing Victorious’ message or to schedule an interview with her, call (912) 695-2813 or visit http://www.standingvictorious.com